Kurt’s visit to Beer-Pub Restaurant De Heeren van Liedekercke

I am re-writing this blogpost of my visit to De Heeren van Liedekercke since this post was lost due to a power outage that happened at Belgiuminabox’s hosting company (located in the US) due to extreme summer-weather conditions. 

Anyway back to my main story: while I was there to get the new “De Heeren van Liedekercke 20 Anniversary Blend”, the “Soliditas” beer and the matching tasting-glassware of De Heeren van Liedekercke. I couldn’t refuse myself staying there and treat myself to 2 classical dishes :

GarnaalkrokettenStarter : As a true Belgian I am a Garnaalkroketten-fan, “shrimp-croquettes”.
It is a typical phenomenon for Belgians to try “garnalenkroketten” at different restaurants just to see where they are the best !
(Of course every Belgian-food-restaurant is telling they have the best “garnaalkroketten…)


Main : Brusselse Stoemp with sausage, bacon, Tierentyn Mustard and vegeatable-mash potatoes.

“Brussels Stew” is THE dish to eat at cold and wet winter-evenings, but not for late-lunch in mid-June… was it not the weather was indeed cold and wet.
I had a good afternoon; the food was great, the Westmalle Triple was the perfect match to my lunch and I could update the status of my beer-wishlist into “done”.
Meanwhile I promised some friends to get them a couple of bttls of the Cantillon 2003 “Crianza Helena”. They wanted to celebrate the birth of their child in style by cracking a bottle of this epic Cantillon Gueuze.
By now, they received their boxes and I can only say they were extatic with the beer and I am sure they won’t forget the “Crianza Helena” experience.

Author: Kurt

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