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Rodenbach Caractère RougeI first heard of the existance of the Rodenbach Caractère Rouge reading an article in our national paper “De Gazet van Antwerpen”.

The Antwerp (high-end) restaurant ‘t Zilte, which is on top floor of Antwerp’s Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) and run by Master-Chef Viki Geunes, commisioned Brewery Rodenbach to brew a beer to have it served in his Restaurant.

Brewery Rodenbach came up with the Caractère Rouge, a Flemish ale macerated for 6 months in oak-wooden vats with 3 different dark-fruits; cherries, raspberries and cranberries).

Rodenbach really excelled this time, it let’s me think of the Rodenbach Alexander back in the 80ies, and the Rodenbach Vin de Ceréal from 2003.

All are epic brews from my favorite beer-style.

At first there was talk of a small batch of 700 bottles being made only for this restaurant, but the brewery decided to make some more and make it a one-time release instead.

I went to the brewery a couple of weeks back and there was a limit of 3 bottles per person :(.

I was actually the 1st customer buying the beer on it’s first day of it’s release at the brewery!

I really had a hard time explaining I wanted more of the stuff at which point one of the sales people told me a Belgian supermarket was chosen to distribute the Caractère Rouge…

Now finally I was allowed to buy a decent amount of this beauty and I hope to keep some of it to put away for a couple of years.

This “Burgundy wine” of Belgian beers is going to come out the cellar as a delicacy for years to come !!

Checkout Rodenbach Caractère Rouge now at !

Ps : tip from an insider : try to stock up this beer while you can.

Kurt’s visit to Beer-Pub Restaurant De Heeren van Liedekercke

I am re-writing this blogpost of my visit to De Heeren van Liedekercke since this post was lost due to a power outage that happened at Belgiuminabox’s hosting company (located in the US) due to extreme summer-weather conditions. 

Anyway back to my main story: while I was there to get the new “De Heeren van Liedekercke 20 Anniversary Blend”, the “Soliditas” beer and the matching tasting-glassware of De Heeren van Liedekercke. I couldn’t refuse myself staying there and treat myself to 2 classical dishes :

GarnaalkrokettenStarter : As a true Belgian I am a Garnaalkroketten-fan, “shrimp-croquettes”.
It is a typical phenomenon for Belgians to try “garnalenkroketten” at different restaurants just to see where they are the best !
(Of course every Belgian-food-restaurant is telling they have the best “garnaalkroketten…)


Main : Brusselse Stoemp with sausage, bacon, Tierentyn Mustard and vegeatable-mash potatoes.

“Brussels Stew” is THE dish to eat at cold and wet winter-evenings, but not for late-lunch in mid-June… was it not the weather was indeed cold and wet.
I had a good afternoon; the food was great, the Westmalle Triple was the perfect match to my lunch and I could update the status of my beer-wishlist into “done”.
Meanwhile I promised some friends to get them a couple of bttls of the Cantillon 2003 “Crianza Helena”. They wanted to celebrate the birth of their child in style by cracking a bottle of this epic Cantillon Gueuze.
By now, they received their boxes and I can only say they were extatic with the beer and I am sure they won’t forget the “Crianza Helena” experience.