Armand’4 Herfst (fall edition) pre-order sale

The much awaited Armand’4 Herfst (fall edition) from Brewery 3 Fonteinen is going to be released on Wednesday September 21.

Anyone ordering between Friday the 16th and Wednesday the 21st of September 2011 will enjoy a 10 % discount on the listed price of the Armand’4 Herfst.

Armand’4 Herfst orders will be ready to be shipped to you as of the 21st.

Belgiuminabox ensures you a safe delivery of your orders. As always our dedication and attention to detail is what make us tick.



Lambic-Brewery Oud Beersel New Products

On a recent trip to Lambic-Brewery Oud Beersel I was invited to take a tour of the brewery and my tour guide was Gert Christiaens.

Gert is the son of Jos Christiaens, the master-blender from Oud Beersel.

He told me about the120-year-old-history from back in the days when Henry Vanderlinden brewed his Lambic and explained his plans for the future together with the Geuzen van Oud Beersel (which are a band of volunteers and supporters that maintain the brewey and museum).

During my visit Oude Lambiek was put into cubitainers or Bag-in-Boxes of 5L. This way of packaging is practicle and easy for storing, shipping and keeping cool.

The Oude Lambiek Bag-in-Box 5L can be kept for up to 6 months un-opened and once open, you can keep them for a month and a half under good conditions.  Preferably be kept cool or under 20°C (68°F).

The Bersalis Tripel is Blonde Tripel with a spicy character and is one of Oud Beersel’s original brews when the brewery started up in 2003.

Bringing life to the brew, really is true what it says! Back in 2003, the Bersalis Tripel was responsible as the money maker for the brewery, so Oud Beersel could find the room to start blending lambic into geuze. The Bersalis is bottled in 0,33 and 0,75 L. and the 0,75 L can only be found at the brewery in Beersel.

A new brew from”Master-Blender” Jos Christiaens is the Oud Beersel Framboise. The Framboise harmonizes the taste of genuine Oude Lambiek and the fruity flavor of ripe raspberries. 220 grams of raspberries and 50 grams of Morell-cherries are used per liter of Lambiek. The result is a great Fruit Lambiek from one of the best in the trade.

Oud Kriekske is a traditional liqueur made with Oude Kriek Oud Beersel.

The dominant fruitiness of fresh sour cherries and the moderate sweetness of this liqueur provide a fresh and fruity drink.
The complex character of Oude Kriek gives this liqueur a unique roundness. This liqueur is 19 % and comes in a 0,50 L stylish bottle.

Belgiuminabox is offering all those “newly added products” in the shop together with the regular products from Oud Beersel, the original Geuze-glassware and classy T-Shirts.

Oud Beersel. I like !!

Cheers, Kurt.



The old casks

L’Abbaye de Mont des Cats – the 8th Trappist

Mont des Cats is going to be the 8th official Trappist or Authentic Trappist Product.

At least the Trappist order from Godewaersvelde in the Nothern-most part of France, near the Flemish villages of Watou and Poperinge hope to get the much desired ATP logo to put on their beer bottles.

Everything hasn’t been decided yet, the Bière Trappiste of Mont des Cats is (still) being brewed on the premises of l’Abbaye de Scourmont. L’Abbaye de Scourmont is better know as Chimay.

It is true that beer was brewed in Mont des Cats (de Katsberg in Dutch) from 1845 on, but was halted during the World War I.

Now the monks from Godewaersvelde want to brew again.

The Cistercen Abbey is also renowned in the region for making Trappist cheese.

The beer itself is an amber-colored ale with a nice thick froth. The smell is hoppy and floral. The fruity notes in the flavor come from the first fermentation. The beer has a lively spritz due to the second fermentation in the bottle.

The Mont des Cats beer can only be bought at the shop of the Abbey and is available in 0,33 and 0,75 L bottles.

Belgiuminabox is exited to offer this 8th Trappist now in it’s shop.