Master-Brewer Pierre Celis of Hoegaarden passes away.

Anyone who is drinking a Hoegaarden White beer in the coming days, take a minute to remember Pierre Celis.

Pierre Celis
Pierre Celis

The master-brewer from Brewery Hoegaarden passed away last Saturday in his beloved village Hoegaarden.
In 1966 Celis started his own brewery in an old farm-house. He still new of how to make “Witbier” from the days he helped as a child in the local brewery of Tomsin, a “Witbier” brewer.

In the first years Celis brewed for fun. His wife told him to take the Witbier with him on his milk tours and try to get a price for it from the villagers. Clients were enthusiastic about the fresh-sour taste and soon demand for the beer soared.

By 1979 the brewer Pierre Celis bought a brew-house “De Kluis” in Hoegaarden and “Hoegaarden Witbier” was (re)born. Celis decided that his Witbier ought to be poured in the now typical Hoegaarden jam jars. A recipe for success was born.

In 1990 Celis sold his brewery to Interbrew (now AB InBev). A couple years later he decided to move to Austin, Texas and start all over with a new brewery called “Celis Brewery” and brew his beloved “Celis White”. An instant success. After one year he already brewed 28,000 keggs of his beer. Only a couple of years ago he sold his brewery in the States, came back to Belgium and retired in Hoegaarden. He died of cancer at the age of 86.

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