Girardin Lambic, Kriek and Faro now available in Bag-In-Box-Cubitainer.

Good news for Girardin lambic-fans in the USA.
The Lambic, Kriek and Faro from Lambic-Brewer Girardin is now available in Bag-In-Box 10 liter vats, also called cubitainers. Belgiuminabox is the only online beer store to offer this product to it’s customers – worldwide delivery !

The vacuum-packed “bags” stay fresh for at least 4 months.

During that period the 10 liter pack stays fresh because the brew is kept in a dark environment and doesn’t get in touch with oxigen. Oxidation of the brew inside the box isn’t possible because of the lack of air.

Belgiuminabox personally garantees the freshness of these products since Kurt is going to the Brussels lambic-brewers weekly.

The great thing about these Bag-In-Box brews is that now anyone from around the world can taste those great brews in their freshest and purest form.
It is as though you were actually sitting in a local Belgian pub sipping your favourite Lambic-Gueuze, Kriek or Faro.

Another great feature about the Bag-In-Box -style is that you don’t have to finish the inside right away.
You and your fellow lambic-fans can have a glass and a few days later you have another glass or so…
That’s the beauty from it. The beer doesn’t go bad.

Armand Debelder from Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen considers Farmer-Brewery Girardin as the “Ch√Ęteau d’Yquem” of Lambic brewers and I couldn’t agree more !