Wit Goud, Belgian’s first Witloof Bier from Farm-Brewery Hof ten Dormaal.

Wit Goud
Wit Goud

André Janssens, the master-brewer at organic farm-brewery Hof ten Dormaal is proud to presentWit Goud. Wit Goud is the name for the beer that is made with home-grown chicory (witloof in Dutch) at the farm-brewery.

In fact André grows his own barley, hops, chicory himself at the farm.  Even the energy used during the brewing proces is bio-organic, the left-over residue is given as feed to the livestock at the farm in Tildonk-Haaght.

Witloof or Chicory
Chicory or Witloof

Wit Goud is the beer a lot of people here in Belgium were waiting for to be brewed.

I like the typical bitter-taste from the chicory.  Nice and crisp.

Belgiuminabox whishes André good luck with his new brew.

All beers from Hof ten Dormaal are now available at the Belgiuminabox beer-shop.