A la Mort Subite – Brussels Pub

A la mort subiteWhat’s in a name ? A la Mort Subite

We need to go back 80 years to explore the origin of this unusual name for a Belgian pub and Gueuze-beer.

History of  “Mort Subite”

Round the year 1910 Mr Théophile Vossen ran an establishment called  “La Cour Royale”. Amongst his many regular clients in his pub were a lot of employees working at Belgium’s National Bank.

Those employees played a dice game (pitjesbak in Dutch) called  421. Before returning to the office, the employees played a quick last game and the one who lost was called the “Mort Subite” or “Sudden Death”.
Very soon this name became well-known and when Théophile Vossen moved to the actual address Warmoesberg 7 in 1928, he decided to call his pub “At La Mort Subite”. Now it was very easy to call his house-beer – a Gueuze – the same name.

His sons and grand-sons René and Jean-Pierre Vossen continued the tradition for more than 36 years.

A la mort subite

Today, the 4th generation of the Vossen family, Bernard and Olivier continue to serve delicious Gueuze, Kriek, Framboise, Cassis and Faro Lamic-beers in the same establishment that also retains the original and protected decor from 1928.

Café-Brasserie A La Mort Subite
Warmoesberg 7
B-1000 Brussels


Tournée Générale, a roadtrip through Belgian-beer-country.

jean and rayTournée Générale is a Belgian Tv series where Jean Blaute and Ray Cokes, two Belgian beer enthusiasts are taking the viewers on a tour through Belgium a go visiting Belgian breweries in a van.

The 2nd season that airs now in Belgium focuses more on typical Belgian food in combination with Belgian beer.

On their way through the Belgian countryside, they try to discover the hidden beauties, but they don’t forget the classics with their typical flavors such as the hops from Poperinge or the Schaerbeekse krieken (cherries) from Brussels.

More and more Belgian chefs use Belgian beer in the kitchen such as “De Heeren van Liedekerke” in Denderleeuw or “Het Hommelhof” in Watou. Ray and Jean are looking at the newest trends in Belgian beer country. This very like-able and feelgood program on Belgian TV is showing the viewer how vivid and lively the Belgian beer-scene today is. It also shows that we Belgians are a country of people that like to enjoy life as it is, especially in company with good food and good beer.

As it was the case in the first TV season, Ray and Jean will brew their own Tournée Générale beer. Belgiuminabox is looking forward to add this brew to the shop. I was told the beer hasn’t been bottled yet, but I will keep you posted when it is available.

Some clips from the episodes can be seen on You Tube on on the site of the Belgian TV channel Canvas. And since Ray Cokes is from the UK, the program is (mostly) English spoken. Check em out! Search youtube for ‘Tournée Générale’ or click here. Als try the dutch site canvas.be for more official clips.

Cheers from Kurt, a Tounée Générale-fan.

De Heeren van Liedekercke voted 2nd best Beer-Restaurant in the world by Ratebeer.com

heeren van liedekerckeBelgian Beer-Restaurant “De Heeren Van Liedekercke” in Denderleeuw, Flemish-Brabant in Belgium is voted as the 2nd Best Beer-Restaurant in the World by rating-site Ratebeer.com.

Ebenzer Bar&Restaurant from Lovell, Maine is voted Best Beer-Restaurant.

Ratebeerians from all over the world could vote for this title.  Last year Trappist West-Vleteren 12 % was voted as Best Beer in the World by Ratebeer.com. Belgian beer-enthusiasts and especially the Lambic-style fans from the US and Scandinavia come to this beer-bar and restaurant to eat and drink their favourite brews. Most of the food from the menu is made with a Belgian beer.

De Heeren van Liedekercke also have a couple of  Lambic-brews specially made for Joost De Four and his wife : the Cantillon Crianza Helena 2008 (for the birth of their daughter) and from Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen J&J (Blauw en Roos) 2003.

Joost, the owner from De Heeren van Liedekercke says he probably has the largest menu of beers in the world. They also have ALL of the Gueuze-Lambics, Fruit-Lambics and a great selection of aged beers.

Congratulations for Joost De Four, Jelle and Tom De Four.

Restaurant De Heeren van Liedekercke, Kasteelstraat 33, Denderleeuw, Belgium


The “Kulminator” voted as Best Beer-Pub in the World by Ratebeer.com

Kulminator Belgian Beer-PubAccording to the beer lovers from Ratebeer,  Antwerp beer-pub the “Kulminator” is voted as the Best Beer-Pub in the World. In 1974 Leen and Dirk founded the Kulminator. It wasn’t the first time Leen and Dirk won the price as “Best Beer-Pub in the World”, they did so back in 2007 and 2009 !”Kulminator” is the name of a 12 % brew from Kulenbach, Germany.
This Antwerp beer-pub is well known among locals and beer-enthusiasts from all over the world. It’s the reason why many people specially come to visit Antwerp. The pub has a variety of more than 800 different beers, mostly Belgian but also international. What makes this place so special is the range of aged beers –vintage beers – Dirk and his wife have in stock. The age of their vintage beer can go as old as the 1970ies !
Since 2000 Ratebeer.com let their members choose the Best Beer Bar, the Best Beer and the Best Beer-Restaurant.
Congratulations Leen and Dirk !

Cafe Kulminator, Vleminckveld 32, Antwerpen  Ph : xx3232324538