A fresh brew of Malheur’s Dark Brut back on Belgian shelves

2011 starts with sparkling news from Brewery Malheur of Buggenhout.

Malheur’s Dark Brut, the highly sought after Champagne beer from brewer Manu De Landtsheer  is back on the Belgian beer-market.

For almost a year the Dark Brut, a dark-brown beer matured in American oak barrels, was not to be found anywhere. Non of the beer merchants in Belgium had a single bottle left of this sparkling brew !

Beer fans all over Belgium were told the new brew would be back in January.

Belgiuminabox was there today to stock up on this great brew and the first bottles of the Dark Brut were just labelled !
So what a wonderful way  to start the new year with the introduction of this year’s Dark Brut.

I was told stocks of the Dark Brut are selling fast.

I’m trying to hold some to put into my cellar.  I like to see the effect of Champagne beer aging…

Happy New Year  !!