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Beerlovers around the World,

If you let me, I’ll briefly tell you about myself.

My name is Anneke, a 26 year old bartender and beerlover. After studying Hotel management I was a little disappointed concerning the attention for our Belgian Beers in class.

So I searched and found a study just made for my plans: ZythologyZythos is an ancient Greek word that is translated as “beer”. This profound “beer-ology” lessons I started out in the fall of 2008 and within a few weeks now, I’ll obtain my degree as a Zytholoog.

The past two years I have spent studying the production process for the different beer types, building up tasting expertise by tasting a few beers every lesson guided by some of the best Belgian brewers. We have wandered around in the rich history of our beers, going from the very beginning till the high-end techniques we have today and throughout the monasteries of our famous Belgian Trappists. Took a closer look at the impact of beer on our health and off course learned how to pour the perfect beer.
In the last steps of the course we learn how to match that perfect poured beer with a tasteful dish to give you the ultimate Belgian culinary experience. Our maybe sip it away with some lovely menu from abroad, the choice is yours.

From now on, I will try to be your guide throughout Belgium. I’ll take you away to breweries and their beers giving you an insight in the mysterious world of brewing.  Every week we’ll try to provide you a different view on the beer.

Some weeks I’ll give you a more technical hint, another week  a beer and / or a brewery will be in the center of attention. We can go time-travelling to either the future or the past in a few blogs. And we might not forget to provide you with some recipes to come by the finest of all beers.



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Hi, This is Kurt, the shop-owner of Belgiuminabox. I write blogposts about newly released beers by Belgian brewers, introductions on my beer-shop and various beer-topics on the Belgian beer-scene. Check Belgiuminabox regulary to stay informed of the latest beer-info !! Cheers, Kurt Belgiuminabox

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