You can make Duvel-Moortgat brew a new Duvel Tripel Hop !

Last March, local beer-tasting club “De Lambicstoempers” from Zythos went on a brewery visit to Duvel-Moortgat.

Nothing world-moving you would say, wasn’t it for the fact that the visitors started debating with the people of the brewery about the hugely popular Duvel Tripel Hop being brewed once again…

Duvel Tripel Hop was blended with 3 hops (SaazSaaz, Styrian Golding and US Amarillo) and dry-hopped with Styrian Golding flowers.

When “Duvel Tripel Hop” with 40 EBU (units of hop-bitterness) was brewed for the first time back in August 2007, only 200 HL or the equivalent of 22,000 0.75 L bottles were bottled.  Needless to say the supply was quickly sold out !

So, the managers in charge of Marketing and Quality at Duvel-Moortgat made a promise to make another brew of Duvel Tripel Hop if… there is a fan-list of 10,000 signatures before the end of August 2010 at Facebook.

Here is the link if you like to sign in : We want Duvel Tripel Hop.!/group.php?v=wall&ref=ts&gid=10341018635788

Message from Belgiuminabox to all Belgian beer lovers :  Make it happen.

Story to be continued… Kurt.

Author: Kurt

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