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Belgium In A Box is happy to introduce  Westmalle-Extra to our Belgian beer-shop.

I had the privilege to taste a Westmalle-Extra – a blond Trappist ale -a gift from a colleague at a Belgian beer bar in Antwerp.
To be honest, I was pretty excited to get to know this “rare” Trappist-beer, which is brewed only twice a year and to be consumed by the hardworking, sober Trappist-monks and their visiting guests during lunch…

Tasting this beauty was a treat  (I’m a Westmalle-fan).

Perhaps, in the future the monks from Westmalle will decide to produce this brew for the general public too.

Westmalle-Extra 4.8% is available in 0.33L bottles and can only be bought at the door of the brewery Friday mornings, … if available.

Westmalle-Extra is now exclusively for sale at our beer-shop and I guarantee you , this blond Belgian Trappist ale is worth the while  !!

Check out this excelent video review on youtube

More tasting notes and ratings can be found @ and

Cheers, Kurt

Author: Kurt

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