Tasting West-vleteren @ het elfde gebod Antwerpen Feb 10 2010

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Febuari 10 2010, there will be a tasting event of West-Vleteren 12 taking place @ Beer-restaurant Het Elfde Gebod in Antwerpen, Belgium.

Kurt from Belgiuminabox and a small crowd of 5 American beer-connaisseurs will taste West-Vleteren 12 Vintage 2006 and fresh West-Vleteren 2010.  Also, Sint-Bernardus 12 will take part into the tasting-event…

All beers will have room temperature of 16°C.

I’m exited to learn and experience new insights  into the tasting !!

I hope to give some valuable feed-back (with the Belgiuminabox-tasing sheets) in my next blogpost…

Cheers, Kurt.

National shortage of DE CAM Gueuzes and Kriek

I recently discovered that there is a nation-wide shortage of  De Cam products from Gooik, Flemsish-Brabant, meaning that the Kriek and Gueuze from Geueuzestkerij De Cam are out of stock in Belgium !!

It is unclear when this interruption will be corrected…

One thing that’s true is that  gueuze-distributers and beer-enthousiasts are getting nervous !!

Belgiuminabox.com was lucky to  get hold of some rare beauties.

New to the beer-shop are some rare Gueuzes and Krieks from De Cam, Vintage/Aged-style !!

Check out www.belgiuminabox.com and go to Vintage beer, Fruit beer and Gueuzes to look for what we have in stock !! Not in the least the Belgian beer community and gueuze fans all over the world are actively hoping to see fresh bottelings from  Karel Goddeaux, De Cam’s master-brewer/bottler.

Meanwhile gueuze-stekers and brewers like Boon, Cantillion, Hanssens, Girardon, 3 Fontein and Moriaux are producing top of the bill beers.

Kurt from Belgiuminabox would love to hear your feedback on this topic. Here our finger is on the pulse, if something happens, we know and we will share it with you !!